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Static Holiday Homes

Caravan Park

Sockenber Park
Kings Meaburn
CA10 3BT
TEL: 01931714606


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Free High-Speed WiFi Internet Access

Sockenber Park provides free WiFi internet on our site

What do I need to access the service?.

  • Wifi device
  • You may need outside aerail

How do I log in to use the service?

1. Turn on your device and go wifi setting select sockenber-AP

2  Welcome Sockenber WIFI page will appear then follow instructions

3.Obtain a username & password by click on wifi sign up on the login page or sign up through our web site
4. we will then send you your username and Password .

Can I connect using a Macintosh computer?

Yes but only limited help can be offered with the setup

Can I use streaming video?

Yes; but we reserves the right to terminate any wireless session that is restricting other users' access by consuming most or all of the available bandwidth.

Are any websites blocked?


Is the service monitored?

Yes, all computers using this service have their MAC address logged and matched to your username

My browser does not connect to the start page

Check your proxy settings (Tools > Internet Options) are turned off as these are not required

Do I need to use wireless encryption protocol (WEP)?

No, WEP is not used and should be set to 'off'. Additionally, your WiFi card should be set to 'Infrastructure mode'.

Is the service free?

Yes, subject to our fair usage policy

How do I get help using this service?

Please ask and we will do all we can to help you.


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